Forms of Honey

Honey is always yummy!

The most common forms of honey include:

  1. Comb Honey – Honey still in its original wax home.
  2. Liquid Honey – Honey that has been extracted from the comb.
  3. Crystalized Honey – Over time honey will form crystals in it and become more solid.
  4. Creamed or Whipped Honey – This is made by mixing liquid and crystalized honey together. It takes on a creamy texture perfect for spreading.

Did my honey go bad?

If properly stored, honey will not go bad. Some people think that when their honey crystalizes, it has gone bad and is no longer safe to eat. Crystallization is a natural process. Rest assured your honey is still safe to eat! Many people like to use crystalized honey for baking or to put into hot tea. If you want to return the honey to it’s liquid form, simply heat some water to 90-104 degrees Fahrenheit and set the jar of honey in the water. Stir the honey occasionally taking care to make sure no water gets in the honey. You will need to reheat the water multiple times to maintain the proper temperature. One suggestion I heard was to use a crockpot with water on the lowest setting. In my experiences, the water will get too hot. However, if you monitor the temperature and turn it on and off as needed, this can be an easier method because the crockpot holds in the heat more efficiently. Regardless, if the temperature is too high the quality of honey will degrade and it can begin to caramelize.

Want to learn about our bees and how we extract our honey? Visit the About page to watch a video!